The April issue of Asheville’s own Capital at Play Magazine carried the Estate Planning article “How to Exit in Style” featuring Andy Strauss. Andy had a great time working with writer, Marie Bartlett, and photographer, Bugs Utsey, as you can tell by the image below provided courtesy of Capital At Play.

This is only an introduction, so be sure to follow the link to the full article on the magazine’s website.

Andrew Strauss Estate PLanning attorney in north Carolina

Andy Strauss: How to exit in style


March 2015 • Featured Capitalist Archive
Written by Marie Bartlett | Photos by Bugs Utsey

A man was told by his doctor that the end was near so he rushes to his estate attorney to finalize a will. A short time later, he leaves in a huff.

“What’s wrong?” the secretary asks as he hurries past.

“That lawyer in there,” he says. “He told me he had a few questions and then he had the nerve to say, ‘Don’t worry. Just leave it all to me.’”

Living wills, estate planning, and asset management are not joking matters, but there is something to be said for laughing at your own profession, and yourself. At least that’s what Andrew Alexander Strauss, better known as “Andy,” projects once you get to know him. Though highly touted within his profession, this award-winning, five-times “Super Lawyer” and member of Who’s Who in American Law, is down-to-earth and, according to Holly, his wife of nearly twenty years, “one of the most humble people you will ever meet.”

Even his office, at 77 Central Avenue in downtown Asheville, has a casual elegance about it; comfortable sofas and chairs throughout; soft pastel paintings created by a talented artist who happens to be his mother-in-law; and a simple black and white photo of Holly in her wedding dress front and center on his desk.

But it’s pretty clear after a short time in his presence that Andy is not your typical, hard-charging attorney. For one thing, he smiles a lot, and when he leans forward to ask a question, he is totally engaged. The man loves people; loves their stories; their range of life experience; what it is that makes up “the fabric of their lives,” as he says. His clients are real people to him, and his interest in their welfare is genuine.

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Many thanks to the wonderful staff at Capital At Play for their effort in creating this article.

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