Effective Monday, March 23, 2020

Dear Clients:
This is to update you with Strauss Attorneys’ action plan in light of the escalating spread of the novel Coronavirus.  This situation is new & unique to all of us – our core values have guided us to the following decisions regarding how we will operate for our most precious assets, our clients, staff, and attorneys until it is safe to return to business as usual.

Please be assured that, thankfully, no one at Strauss Attorneys, nor any of our family members are displaying any symptoms of COVID-19, nor has anyone tested positive. 

However, in an abundance of caution and in light of the CDC’s & local health department recommendations, we have made the decision to take precautionary measures to limit the further spread in our community and to safeguard the health of our clients & team members by closing the offices to walk-ins/ in-person meetings starting Monday, March 23 and until further notice.
We will continue to send further information on our procedures as this develops, all of which will also be posted on our blog, so please check back for updates. 
Our Office: Our staff will continue to work normal hours (8:30 am – 5:00 pm), so please feel free to give us a call or send an email as you would normally do. We will be implementing a closed-door policy, so we will not be accepting any walk-ins or in-person meetings for the time being except as specifically arranged by attorneys for unusual circumstances or special signings. If you have an in-person meeting scheduled, you will receive a call from Lisa or Angela to explain the transition to a phone meeting or virtual meeting via GoToMeeting.  Please kindly await our offices’ instructions, so that our office assistants are not bombarded all at once with calls; they’re extremely efficient so don’t be concerned that you’ll be overlooked. 
Dropping off documents: If you need to drop off any documents, we strongly prefer that you send these over via email or fax if possible.  Our fax # is: 828 696 1816 (Hendersonville) and 828 252 4921 (Asheville).If you’re unable to send via email or fax, please feel free to drop them off in our office “in-box,” located outside our office doors in Asheville and the mail slot in the office door for Hendersonville starting 3/23, please observe the following procedures: Please wash your hands and don’t touch your face before handling the documents; Make sure you have your documents sealed in an envelope clearly marked with the attorney’s/staff member’s name & matter reference, as applicable; Leave your document(s) in the container that will be OUTSIDE the office doors in Asheville (this container will be brought inside every evening) and in the mail slot in Hendersonville; Please notify us via phone 828-696-1811 (Hendersonville) and 828-258-0994 (Asheville) or email (lisak@strausslaw.com Hendersonville and megan@strausslaw.com Asheville)  that you’ve dropped them off, and make sure that these are delivered between 9 am – 5 pm only. In order to do our part to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus, and in concert with the recommendations by our public health agencies and officials, we will be working remotely all or part of the time until further notice.  However, be assured that any documents delivered to our office will be taken inside as soon as possible- as always, your confidentiality is extremely important to us.
Signs will be posted on the front door of each office, giving a number to call and instructions for dropping off documents.
We are confident that we will still be able to service all our clients through this period of uncertainty and simply ask that you stay in contact with us and communicate any special concerns that you may have during this time.

All our best,

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