1. Identity

The Company publishing the Website is:

Strauss Attorneys PLLC, We do Estate Planning and we do it well
Its Head office is located at 77 Central Ave., Suite F, Asheville, North Carolina 28801.
The publication director is Andrew A. Strauss
Telephone: (828) 258-0994

Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation:

Bennetonable, UX Design & SEO agency
Its Head office is located at 37 rue du 11 Novembre, 42100 Saint-Etienne
SIRET : 53229172100019
Telephone: +33 (0)6 50 34 14 06

Hosting of the Website: 

SG Hosting Inc. , Quality-Crafted Hosting Services
901 N. Pitt St, Suite 325
Alexandria, 22314 VA

2. Intellectual property

2.a. All information or documents (logos, trademarked materials, copyrighted materials, text, animated or static images, databases, sounds, photographs, know-how or cited products) stored in the Website as well as all elements created for the Website (collectively, the “Website Materials”) and its general structure are the property of Strauss Attorneys PLLC.

The Website Materials are subject to laws protecting copyright and have been made available to the public via this Website for personal use only. No license or any right other than to view the Website is granted. Duplication of Website Materials is authorized solely as information for personal and private usage.  Any duplication or usage of copies made for other purposes is formally prohibited and subject to prior written authorization by the Company. In all cases, any authorized duplication of Website Materials must cite the source and make adequate references as to proprietary nature of these Materials.

2.b. Distinguishing signs. Unless otherwise stipulated, company name & logotypes are the property of the Strauss Attorneys PLLC.  They may not be used without prior written authorization from Strauss Attorneys PLLC.

2.c. Databases. Any databases made available to you are the property of Strauss Attorneys PLLC. You are forbidden to extract or reuse a substantial qualitative or quantitative portion of the databases for any use (including for private purposes).

3. Hypertext links

3.a. Activation of links. This Website may contain links to other websites.  Strauss Attorneys PLLC disclaims any and all liability for your use of the websites you access via the links provided herein. Said links are offered to users of this Website as a service. Please consult the general terms and conditions and the personal data protection policies of these respective for the details applicable to each website you access via the links provided herein.  Your use of any links is at your risk.  You have the responsibility for deciding what links to access and what use you make of the websites accessed via these links.  Links may be modified or deleted at any time and without advance notice.

3.b. Link authorization. If you wish to create a hypertext link to this Website, you must obtain prior written authorization from the Company using the contact details provided at the start of this document.

4. Cookies

Strauss Attorneys PLLC Website uses cookies These cookies uniquely identify a browser on a computer, but never a person. In other words, if the same person uses Chrome and Internet Explorer, two unique browser cookies will be assigned, one for each browser, so that person will be counted as two different visitors because visits are based on browsers, not computers or persons. Most Internet browsers automatically accept persistent cookies. Although using persistent cookies creates a much better experience for you while using the site, you can disable cookies. The website will also work without them. If you don’t want to accept cookies, you can edit your browser’s options to stop accepting persistent cookies or to prompt you before accepting a cookie from the websites you visit.

We use cookies to measure how users interact with the website, distinguish unique users, throttle the request rate, remember the number and time of previous visits, remember the traffic source information, determine the start and end of a session and determine the geographic location of the user.

5. Updates of terms and conditions of use of the Website

The Company may update this Legal Notice at any time and without advance notice.  Accordingly, you should regularly review The Legal Notice to verify what changes (if any) have been made and to understand the Legal Notice then in effect.