Protecting your assets is always our primary goal at Strauss Attorneys, PLLC, Located in Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina, our firm strives to prevent you from losing your hard-earned assets unnecessarily to creditors, predators, taxes, or other catastrophic liabilities, such as long-term care.

High-Profile Professionals in At-Risk Careers

Doctors, lawyers, nursing home owners and others in high-profile positions are often the targets of multi-million dollar lawsuits that can end careers and empty personal bank accounts. These prominent professionals need to take the proper steps to ensure that any business-related litigation will not have a dramatic impact upon their personal finances. Our firm can help you take the necessary steps to protect your hard-earned resources.

Long-Term Financial Impact of a Divorce

A sizable bank account may mean that your children are provided for in the event of your untimely demise. Protecting this inheritance is most likely of paramount importance to you. However, a loved one’s marriage ending in divorce could serve to split these assets in half. Our job is to take proactive steps to ensure that any money or assets set aside for inheritances are placed into asset-protected, yet beneficiary friendly, trusts.

Attention to Detail in Strategically Planning Asset Protection

At Strauss Attorneys, PLLC, we take the time needed to gather all of your information to assess your situation. From there, we pay great attention to detail in preparing asset protection strategies. The stakes are simply too high in a lawsuit, divorce or bankruptcy. Let us put our significant experience in asset protection to work for you.

Asset Protection Planning for Physicians

We live in a victim-oriented society, and doctors are viewed as a deep pocket that can afford to pay for an injury. Doctors need asset protection planning to protect both their medical practices (including assets such as equipment and real estate) and their personal assets (such as homes, investments, etc.).