Establishing a business is quite an accomplishment. Choosing a good business entity and having solid agreements in place can help ensure its continued success. At Strauss Attorneys, PLLC, located in Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina, we help clients with all of their business formation needs, whether a limited liability company, limited partnership, corporation, professional organization or non-profit organization. We take pride in helping new and seasoned business owners get a good start on their dream. Contact our business formation attorneys today.

The Need for an Appropriate Entity

One of the most important aspects of starting a business is choosing the right entity. Your choice in entity selection affects everything from your business taxes to protection of your personal assets, should your business struggle. Our business formation attorneys assist in creating entities for our clients, drafting all relevant documents and creating a corporate minute book, among other things. When choosing an entity, our firm typically suggests setting up a limited liability company (LLC). Limited liability companies provide better creditor protection than other entities and can provide charging order protection, which benefits both the business and the owner. However, the ultimate decision rests on our clients’ business goals. We analyze the entity selections among partnerships, LLCs, S-corporations and C-corporations. We will work closely with our client’s CPA to determine which selection best serves their needs. We also help our clients determine what jurisdiction to form their entities, and can help set up an entity outside of North Carolina if they choose to do so.

Business Agreements

In addition to entity selection, our firm assists with drafting extensive and customized partnership and LLC operating agreements. We understand the importance of a solid agreement that clearly defines responsibilities and objectives of the owners, and that protects the interests of the business owner. Our objective is to lay the groundwork for a successful business venture that continues well into the future.


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