Running a successful family or industrial farm started with a dream, and you worked hard for many years to keep it strong and productive. But, you cannot run it forever. With proper estate planning, you can help ensure your farm success through generations. But if you decide that breaking up the farm is the best decision for your family, you can assume control over who receives the land, your business assets and other aspects of the operation.

You can pass down your farming operations and land to the beneficiaries of your choice, rather than leaving it up to your family. A good estate plan also reduces or eliminates the estate tax.

At Strauss Attorneys PLLC, with offices in Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina, we assist with all matters of estate planning for farmers. Whether our clients want to ensure the succession of their farm to the next generation, or they want to sell and distribute their assets, we can help create a tailored plan that meets their needs.

Creating a Trust to anticipate the worst

We explain to our farming clients how trusts and other estate planning tools can work for them. Our firm helps clients take the necessary steps to successfully plan for their future.

Creating an Operating Entity to protect and transfer your farm

Operating and transferring a farm is often best achieved in a formal business entity, such as a limited liability company. Our business formation page offers additional information.


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