At Strauss Attorneys PLLC, located in Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina, we develop and implement strategies designed to minimize our clients’ estate taxes.

Estate Tax and Gift Tax Strategies

At Strauss Attorneys PLLC, we can address our clients’ tax concerns in any number of ways. Strategies we explore include:

  • Infra-family Loans
  • Spousal Gifting Trusts
  • Simple and Advanced Grantor Retained Annuity Trust (GRAT) Strategies
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts (QPRT)
  • Leveraged Installment Note Sales to Irrevocable Grantor Trusts
  • Self-Cancelling Installment Notes
  • Private Annuities
  • Insurance and Life Insurance Trusts
  • Alaska Dynasty Trusts
  • Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Planning
  • The Zero-ed Out Estate Tax Plan

Reducing Your Tax Burden through Estate Tax and Gift Tax Planning

Why pay an excessive amount of estate taxes when legal remedies are available to reduce your overall tax obligations? Estate taxes only serve to deplete the money you worked so hard to earn. Our job is to minimize their impact so more of your money stays with your loved ones.