The loss of a loved one is difficult enough without conflicts arising out of the settlement of an estate. Choosing a skilled litigation attorney can help to protect your rights.

Trusted Counsel

One of the most emotionally tormenting aspects of a loved one’s death or advancing age may be a controversy looming over how that loved one’s estate or affairs are being handled. Our attorneys are experienced in trust, estate and fiduciary litigation, and can offer you guidance and counsel on handling these extremely sensitive issues.

These disputes may include breaches of a trustee’s or executor’s fiduciary duties to beneficiaries, actions to compel trust and estate accountings or to recover misappropriated funds, challenges to wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other important estate documents, and methods to address and resolve instances of elder abuse and fraud.

We will work with our clients to achieve the best possible result given the seriousness and difficulty of handling these types of controversies and disputes.


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