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Strauss Attorneys, PLLC is an estate planning, probate and estate administration firm with offices in Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina. Wealth transfer plans are not just a part of our practice, they are our entire focus. To that end, we always utilize a team-oriented approach in protecting your assets, minimizing your tax burden and preserving your legacy.

Strauss Attorneys, PLLC main objective is helping clients during difficult times in their lives. In fact, sensitivity and understanding are the hallmarks of our firm. We understand how a loved one’s passing requires us to be not only knowledgeable and informative, but compassionate and reachable as well.

In depth, cutting edge estate plans based on your needs

The IRS, a nursing home caring for an elderly loved one and even the local courts can all deplete a substantial financial portfolio. Proactive planning is the key.

Whether your estate plan is simple or complex, we will assess your situation, gather the necessary information and create an in-depth plan using some of the latest estate planning techniques. This frequently includes developing wills and trusts, which in turn give you greater control over your choice of beneficiary and/or wealth distribution. We were among the first law firms in western North Carolina to use FLPs, LLCs and revocable living trusts to protect people’s estate plans and minimize estate tax liability. These strategies continue to be successful today.

Centrally located for your convenience

Our Asheville and Hendersonville offices are centrally located in their respective cities and have convenient free parking. We encourage you not to put off until tomorrow what you could be doing today. When it comes to estate planning, time is of the essence. The future is highly unpredictable. Handing over your hard-earned money for unnecessary taxes or nursing home expenses does not have to be an option. We can help you with specific matters such as:

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Estate Planning

Designing and constructing comprehensive estate plans which address our clients’ exact wishes.

Probate Administration

Strategies to achieve tax savings and to simplify the administration of the estate

Elder Law & Medicaid

Structure plans to ensure qualification for Medicaid, to help cover certain living expenses.

Business Succession

Selling a business to a third party or passing it down to someone  requires a structured plan

Estate Planning Process

Do you want to avoid death taxes through proper estate planning? Are you a financial advisor looking for an experienced lawyer to set up a trust for your client? Do you need to revise an existing estate plan?

Strauss Attorneys, PLLC is an experienced estate planning law firm, located in Asheville and Hendersonville, North Carolina. We accept clients from all walks of life who are interested in taking steps toward protecting and preserving their assets for future generations. Whether someone already has a comprehensive estate plan in place, or is just starting out, we have tools and resources needed to meet their estate planning goals.

We gladly accept clients through referral.

  • 1. Establishing Estate Plan Goals

    Establishing a successful estate plan begins with clearly defined goals and a well-planned out strategy. To help clients with this stage of the process, we provide a detailed questionnaire that is designed to gather information about their financial planning goals and provoke meaningful thought on the topic of estate planning and their goals.

  • 2. The Initial Consultation

    When clients are ready, they can schedule an initial consultation with one of our estate planning lawyers. The initial consultation usually lasts one to two hours.

    From this initial consultation, we begin formulate a comprehensive estate plan that can cover everything from incapacity to after-death issues. We draw out this plan in a flow chart so clients can visualize what their estate plan will look like, and can see the steps in the process. At this time, we will quote a flat fee for carrying out the plan, which usually takes about four to six weeks.

  • 3. Signing the Documents

    In order for a Revocable Living Trust plan to work as designed, the trust needs to be “funded.” Funding is the process of changing the title of assets into the name of the Living Trust. We work hard to educate our clients on funding their trusts.

  • 4. Continued Service

    We understand that circumstances change, or sometimes a client may have additional questions or revisions after their estate plan is in place. We will schedule a follow-up meeting to address any of these issues and discuss further planning objectives if there are any. As a continued service, we initiate contact with our clients every two or three years to review their plan and make sure it still aligns with their goals.

  • 5. Funding

    In order for a Revocable Living Trust plan to work as designed, the trust needs to be “funded.” Funding is the process of changing the title of assets into the name of the Living Trust. We work hard to educate our clients on funding their trusts.

– More than twenty years of experience

The firm started in 1994 after Andy Strauss, the firm’s founder, held a seminar on Estate Planning to standing room only group. This impressed on Andy the need for a client centered practice that made complicated concepts understandable and implemented plans in a timely manner. The seminar discussed the use of revocable living trusts as the centerpiece of the estate plan as opposed to the old paradigm of wills and court administration.

Revocable living trusts allow clients to avoid court involvement in the administration of their estates and maintain their privacy. This was attractive to clients because Western North Carolina attorneys were on the whole still wed to will based plans and the added complexity of court probate.

In addition to the trust based estate planning, Andy was one of the first to introduce planning techniques like family limited partnerships and limited liability companies  in Western North Carolina to lower estate taxes. These newer and innovative planning techniques drew loyal clients and their advisors.

Today, the Firm has three offices, seven attorneys and nearly twenty employees. The focus on estate planning allows Strauss Attorneys to serve a wide range of clients from those that need help to become eligible for government assistance programs to the more affluent with asset protection and tax issues.

Our clients, which now number more than 4,000, enjoy personalized service with commitment to serve and achieve their goals and aspirations.


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